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rose & scroll
I am specialized in classic rose&scroll engraving in all its variations : simple scroll, double scroll and all kinds of fine ornamentals with or without gold inlays.
I think that my engraving has its personality, distinguishing itself for the intensity of the shadows obtained by many cuts of bulino.
Rose&scroll is sometimes thought to be a simple engraving, but its execution makes the difference; my models are the English master engravers of the past. I dedicated all my life to this simple element because it last and last. It is classic and do not bore you after some time but, overall, it respects the lines of a fine gun, improving its beauty.

Today’s modern technologies ( one for all the laser engaving) make guns all the same, cold tools without soul. It is better a few engraving, but done by hand!

I think the engraving is the result of a work of head, hand and heart. These three elements transform a simple decoration into a work with its own soul that enriches the spirit of the gun. That happens because a fine gun is beautiful by itself but with the right engraving and maybe a good case color, you add that final touch able to give emotions also to the non-connoisseurs who will look at it.
Gian Marco Sabatti Via San Martino N 57, 25063 Magno di Gardone V.T., Brescia - Italia Phone-Fax 0308910221 P. IVA IT 02099370989.
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